The world needs Poly Speed Dating!

Upcoming Events

The next Poly Speed Dating event will be announced at Polyday

We recommend following the Poly Speed Dating UK Twitter and/or Facebook page as well as here for the latest news. Due to the volunteer nature of Poly Speed Dating it might be a different group entirely who runs the next one but these accounts will be updated with any information.

Speed Dating: Poly Style

Sometimes we just want to drink and dance.

The workshops are great, especially when we get to really discuss the complicated issues that only come up when you’re ethically non-monogamous, but sometimes we just need to let our hair down, meet new people and have some fun. San Francisco has been doing this for a while now and so, when our own intrepid explorer Ludi went to visit she simply had to find out how.

A few times a year, the burgeoning polyamorous population in SF gets together for an evening of Poly Speed Dating, like regular speed dating, but with a big crowd of non-mongamous people, the option to date as groups, and the chance to specify whether or not you’re looking for a primary. With the help of Luke Miratrix, myself and Ludi are very proud to say we’ve been able to bring this fabulous idea across the pond and into the UK!

The first ever Poly Speed Dating UK event was held on the 9th March in London and there are already discussions about bringing it up north to Manchester.

Tickets will sell fast. We recommend booking soon!